The Texas Solution - A Video Recap of the Republican Party of Texas Platform Debate

Earlier this year, the Republican Party of Texas took a historic step to approve a state party platform which includes what became known as "The Texas Solution". This solution is an active statement by our party to take a pro-active step toward finding real solutions to the important issues of Border Security and Immigration Reform. For the first time in recent history, the Republican Party of Texas Platform now includes a call for a foreign guest-worker program.

Since that time, there has been a lot of discussion about what happened on the floor of the RPT Convention the night of the Platform debate. The following video brings the convention to you so you can listen to the debate and hear how much support from the delegates of the convention actually existed. Unfortunately, we do not have coverage of the actual Platform Committee and Sub-committee meetings where the historic work was accomplished to bring a diverse group of people together to find real solutions to the problems we all seek to solve. Please watch the entire video so that you might know for yourself how this refreshing platform came into being.

Republican Party of Texas

2012 Platform Debate

Following the Republican Party of Texas Platform, members of The Texas Solution team took the message to the National Republican Party Convention and were successful in getting members of the National Platform Committee to include a foreign guest-worker program.

The Republican Party is continuing to move forward with finding reasonable solutions to important problems facing our country. This Platform Plank is yet but one example of how, when reasonable people work together and listen to each other, real solutions can be found.

Congratulations to the Republican Party of Texas and the National Republican Party for taking this bold step forward for America.


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