A Trip to the Border

This weekend I traveled to the border with the Vice President and a group of Senate colleagues for a firsthand look at what Texas cities and Border Patrol agents have been dealing with for months now.

The number of families and unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border continues to overwhelm the agencies tasked with providing care. Agents at the border are stretched thin, and nongovernmental organizations and local governments have had to help fill in the gaps.

I worked to get $30 million in reimbursement for impacted communities included in the emergency supplemental appropriations bill passed by Congress a few week ago, but that’s a temporary band-aid.

We need a long-term solution to this crisis, like I’ve offered in my HUMANE Act. It’s the only bipartisan solution to address this crisis.

The HUMANE Act will require DHS to keep families together, establish greater standards of care for children and families, hire additional DHS personnel, establish four or more Regional Processing Centers in high-traffic areas along the border, and more.

It is crucial we find consensus and make progress on fixing our broken immigration system, so I hope seeing the reality of this situation firsthand gives my colleagues a sense of urgency towards solving it.



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