US Chamber of Commerce Says Doing Nothing about Our Current System of Immigration is Amnesty!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Supports Immigration ReformFor a long time now, I have been saying that doing nothing about our broken immigration system has created a de-facto amnetsty for the millions of illegal immigrants in this country. Now the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is catching up and saying the same thing. In a message to its members, Rob Engstrom, Seniro Vice President and National Political Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce said, "The immigration system is broken. With over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., doing nothing is de facto amnesty."

Nearly 40% of these 11 million people did not enter this country illegally. They came here legally and over-stayed their visas. Our broken system provides no effective method of following up with these people and getting their status cleared up. Many others come here illegally because the current system provides no real opportunity for them to come here legally and our lax policy on border security makes it very easy to come here illegally.

US Chamber National Policy Director Rob EngstromEngstrom goes on to say, "The status quo is also hurting our economy. If America loses its ability to attract the world's talented and hardworking employees to stabilize the workforce, our businesses, prosperity, and global competitiveness will suffer as well."

The Chamber has launched a new website titled, The American Opportunity to bring light and open discussion to the topic of immigration reform.

The Chamber has introduced a four point guide to immigration reform that places border security as the top priority but also recognizes that while we are working on securing the border, we must also fix our broken system of immigration laws and procedures.

US Chamber of Commerce "The American Opportunity"

U.S. Chamber's 4-Point Guide

to Immigration Reform

  • Secure our borders
  • Improve our global competitiveness and revise America's work visa programs for high and lesser skilled jobs
  • Create a relaible national employment verification system
  • Maintain America's legacy as an open and welcoming society through a path forward on legalization

The Wall Street Journal recognized the Chamber's efforts stating:

The new website is the latest signal that the Chamber is still optimistic about the odds for a comprehensive bill. A pivotal period for the group’s outreach will be the last week in March and the first week in April, when the Senate is on Easter recess. During those final weeks before the Senate bill is slated to be released, the Chamber will focus on educating businesses and chambers of commerce on immigration issues through events and other outreach across the country.

The Chamber’s website complements that effort by laying out the group’s argument for why it’s time for immigration reform. It touts the benefits of securing U.S. borders, redesigning worker visa programs and embracing E-Verify.

More and more people and organizations are recognizing that we can no longer continue with the lawlessness created by our lack of action in resolving our broken immigration system and open borders. It is time for Republican leaders to follow the lead of Senator Marco Rubio and others who advocate a sensible and responsible response to actually solving the problem and returning our nation to a path of economic recovery. If we are to be a "nation of laws" we must be a nation that has laws that are just, reasonable, and equitible.

I applaud the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for joining the growing chorus of conservatives and small business owners who believe our current immigration system is broken and must be fixed. Only through a reasoned debate can we find a real solution.




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