(VIDEO) Immigration: The Bill, The Border, The Bottom Line

VOCES Action and King Street Live teamed up last night to introduce a panel of immigration experts to discuss immigration reform and border security. The event was moderated by VOCES Action National Director and TexasGOPVote blogger Adryana Boyne and panelists included TexasGOPVote blogger and US Border Watch volunteer Bob Price, TexasGOPVote blogger and immigration attorney Linda Vega, former Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina, founder of Cross Culture Communications Edward Retta, and former Chairman of the Republican Party of California Ron Nehring. A DREAMer was also present during the event and discussed the moment she found out when she was 18 that she could not join the US Marines or apply for a job because she did not have her proper papers. All in all, it was a fantastic and informational event that you do not want to miss out on!

Immigration: The Bill, The Border, The Bottom Line from King Street Patriots on Vimeo.


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