The Impact of Climategate

Even the liberal German newspaper, Der Spiegel, finally understands the 20-year fraud of “global warming.”

Germans have been part of the "lost boys" of the Europe crowd for the past few decades, duly parroting the theory of “man-caused” global warming to the masses.

Thus it is a matter of great curiosity and interest to read an exhaustive, 8-part report on Climategate in Spiegel Online.

How tragic that our national media in this country is so agenda-driven that it refuses to accept that the science, the experts, the research, the conclusions—everything about the theory of global warming has been debunked since December. That our own media ignores what is probably the story of the century, is a national tragedy.

Very expensive cap-and-trade legislation is pending in Congress. It is imperative we take charge of this energy message and kill this job-killing, industry-killing legislation.

Read the report in Der Spiegel and get the word out that man-caused global warming is junk science.

Otherwise, everything that we do and use is about to get very expensive.

Help America “get” it.



There are plenty of groups opposing action by the U.S. government to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The problem is that most of them have little or nothing to do with science. The core of the denial movement are conservative think tanks like the Competitive Enterprise Institute. If not for their herculean effort to derail science, we could very well be on our way to solving a major crisis in which time is a critical factor.

What’s happening now is nothing new.

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