Interviews From Arizona Immigration Summit

As a result of my involvement in Arizona, I have done several interviews to help advance the truth that there are free-thinking young people and free-thinking Latinos who don’t believe everything they hear on TV.

Immediately after getting off stage at the rally, I was approached by a cameraman from Phoenix news station CBS 5. I was still at the capitol when the interviewed aired, but in addition to who I am and where I’m from, they wanted to know why I was there supporting Arizona. My answer was consistent with the message of my speech; this debate was too important to let people taint it with fear-mongering or race-baiting, and finding a sensible solution to our illegal immigration problem is something that we all need to work together on as Americans.

That was my first time on TV, so I was pretty excited, but when I returned home to Texas, I got a chance to be on the Joe Pags Show on WOAI 1200 in San Antonio, Texas. If you’ve never listened to Pags’ show, you should! He is “legit!” On occasion, he has filled in for Glenn Beck on his radio show. Please take a few moments to listen to my interview with Joe Pags.


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