Congressman Pete Sessions Discusses Constituent Meetings

Last week, I had the opportunity to tour the DRS Technologies facility in Dallas. DRS Technologies is a leading supplier of defense products that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and supporting a broad range of mission critical systems to support homeland security and the military’s current and future operations. It was a pleasure to meet with the people who make sure our service men and women are equipped with the best products available.

Congressman Sessions visiting DRS Technologies

I also met with Garland city employees and residents to discuss transportation issues. We discussed solutions for other issues in the community and our shared goal of making Garland a great place to work and live.

Congressman Pete Sessions meeting with Garland city employees and residents

On Thursday, I participated in an interview with students from Berkner High School who are participating in C-SPAN’S StudentCAM documentary competition. I enjoyed talking with the students about the issues facing our nation today, and my role as a representative for the people of North Texas.

Congressman Sessions speaking at Berkner High School

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!



In this district 25th — Rep. Roger Williams [R],10th — Rep. Michael McCaul [R], 31st — Rep. John Carter [R] need to hold a investigation on all the fraudulent construction work that is going on, fraudulent road construction companies who have no clue what they are doing costing tax payers alot of unnecessary money when they do something not correct, why are tax payers in these districts have to suffer because of all this?,all the fraudulent tickets given by DPS officers in the 25th district due to road construction when the road crews have no idea what they are doing?, due to road crews in the 25th district have cause damages to peoples vehicles because of improper detours, nails, and objects in the road that causes damages to vehicles,incompetent car inspection that is going on in the 25th district, they need to hold investigation on mayors in Coryell County, Lampasas, on mayors who spend tax payers money on person gain instead of what is actually going on. When is Texas going to help the people not cause burden and neglect to the people??, There are more complaints and problems, especially when service providers rip off the consumers???? So do not sit up there and lie saying nothing is going on when in fact it is going on??? So why all the coverup???? Why when people from Austin come down to those areas nothing has been done? Why are people in those areas being screwed? Why enough is enough. 

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