Eddie Bernice Johnson & Donna Edwards' Lunar Legacy Lunacy - Creating a National Park ON THE MOON!

Thank God our Congress has solved all of the massive problems facing this country so that we can now worry about what to do about artifact piracy... ON THE MOON! Yes, it seems scandal-ridden Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) has teamed up with Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) to write legislation to create a U.S. National Historical Park on sections of the moon. The act, filed last week, is entitled "Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act" HR 2617. At this point, I should warn you, this article will be laced with sarcasm and political satire. 

It appears our nation is a great risk of scavenger hunters racing to the moon to gather up the things we have left behind so they can sell them on eBay. So, here comes Representatives Johnson and Edwards to the rescue. By establishing a National Park on the moon, it will then be against U.S. Law to collect up these artifacts.

It begs the question, will this bill include an amendment from Johnson to create a scholarship fund for children living on the moon so that when no one applies she can award the scholarships to her relatives and those of her staff? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Haven't we been closing down national historical parks, LIKE THE WHITE HOUSE, because of the evil budget sequestration? And now they want to open a new one? Will a new Department of Lunar Artifacts have to be created to oversee this national park? Perhaps park rangers will have to be hired and an operations and maintenance budget established. Will these staff members on the moon fall under the control of ObamaCare?

The bill also includes a reference to the historic Apollo 13 mission. This mission, the subject of a blockbuster movie Apollo 13, left no artifacts on the moon as it never landed because of the inflight equipment malfunction.

Neil Armstrong's Flag on Mars by Sheila Jackson LeeThis brings to mind the fabled story about my Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee's belief that man has already walked on Mars. It is rumored she will offer an amendment to create a companion national historical park on Mars. She claimed it was very important that the flag left behind on Mars by Astronaut Neil Armstrong (the first man to walk on Mars according to Representative Lee) be as equally protected as the lunar artifacts. Writers note: Please do not tell her that Armstrong walked on the moon not Mars. It would not be good for her self-esteem and would break her poor little heart.

In 2005, Congresswoman Lee (then a member of the House Science Committee) visited the Jet Propulsion Lab in California. She asked a guide whether the Mars Pathfinder had taken a photograph of the flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

Part of the lunacy of this bill is that it directly violates an international treaty ratified by a hundred nations including the United States which states "Outer space is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means." I think creating ownership of a national park on the moon might fall under the "any other means" catch all.

Actually, in retrospect, maybe it is a good thing for some members of Congress to be working on idiotic proposals such as this. Perhaps it helps keep them busy so their idiocy doesn't find its way into important issues like cutting spending, fixing our border security and creating jobs for Americans.

Congressman Ted Poe talks to Kingwood Tea Party in Houston

Congressman Ted Poe talks to members of Kingwood Tea Party about the proposed national historical park.

I learned of this bill from Congressman Ted Poe during a recent meeting he held with the Kingwood Tea Party in Houston. It is worth noting that you probably won't hear about this from the mainstream media as they rarely report on such lunar lunacy. Many thanks to Congressman Poe for bringing this to our attention.


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