Is Hillary Clinton Really This Ignorant?

Hillary Clinton recently gave a speech in which she gave her usual talking points, but there is one line that shows that Ms. Clinton has absolutely no clue about our economic system. She stated that “Don’t allow anyone to tell you corporations and business create jobs.” Much of the speech was her economic thesis, and this statement is the cherry on top of a speech that showed Clinton to be totally ignorant of the past forty years of economic history. Her attack on “trickle-down economics” failing spectacularly can easily be disproven by looking how it worked magnificently, certainly compared to Obamanomics.

Her support for minimum wage laws and how it is an economic panacea has never been proven in the real world. Most economists will tell you that minimum wage laws' negative effect is seen among lower class, minorities and younger workers.

In June 2007, the US economy had slightly over 146 million workers, and now, seven years later, we have seen an increase of less than 500,000 workers while the civilian workforce participation has dropped from 66% to under 63%. Wages are down and many families, middle class and minorities’ income have not even reached their 2007 peak. Contrast this to the Reagan years where income went up, millions of jobs were created and participation rates moved upward.

Congress did raise the minimum wage in 2007 and guess what, there is no evidence that millions of jobs were created as a result. Obama has managed to do something not ever done before; he has created a recovery in which much of Middle America has lost income, more Americans are needing food stamps, and many Americans have simply quit looking for work. Hillary Clinton has shown that she has learned nothing from the past decade on what works, and more importantly, what hasn’t worked.

Nor will Hillary Clinton either fix Obamacare or repeal it since she proposed the precursor to Obamacare in 1993 which didn’t pass. Interestingly, much of her husband's success came after the 1994 congressional election when Bill Clinton abandoned the leftist approach of his wife and moved to the center. Between 1995 and 1998, Clinton reduce the budget deficit, passed a capital gains tax reduction and welfare reform, followed a strong dollar policy and Hillarycare never saw the light of day. The lessons of the 90’s was reduce budget deficits and reform entitlements, and Hillary Clinton has yet to even propose anything close to that now or in her previous Presidential campaign.

The sentence that businesses don’t create job should haunt Clinton, and that in itself should be a disqualifier for her Presidential ambition; but her rivals, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley or Elizabeth Warren are just as radical in their economic view as Hillary and just as ignorant.

Hillary Clinton will attempt to distance herself from Obama, but the reality is that if Hillary will keep an economic policy that creates slow growth at best, middle class income will keep falling behind in place. A President who doesn’t understand that economic and jobs growth comes from the private sector should not be elected, but unfortunately, we have a political party that doesn’t understand the economic system that made America great.

Comedian Jon Lovitz's tweet summed up Clinton's position: Hillary Clinton, "Don’t let anybody tell you businesses and corporation create jobs." Huh? That’s not trickle down, that’s who hire people.


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