Is it Time to Put Partisan Politics Aside and Actually Get Something Done?

Mike Rowe with Glen BeckThere is a profound truth that often gets ignored in the haze of political warfare. Sometime, in order to actually get something done, you have to work WITH the other side! Wow, what a concept! It is easy to just hate the other side and say, "When we get back in power, we will fix everything!" But life for those in need of work still goes on. They can't wait till 2016 for a paycheck. Yet, for some reason, we can't see past our hatred of the other side to realize we must work with the party in power to solve problems.

Scott Braddock wrote an interesting piece this week in Construction Citizen about a man who is trying to work with both sides to actually get something done about jobs in America. But the funny thing is, when he works with people on the right, he gets criticized by people on the left. When he works with people on the left, he gets criticized by people on the right. And yet, he still manages to get things done.

That man is Discovery Channel's Mike Rowe. Rowe is the host of the hit TV show, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Rowe recently came under attack from the left after appearing on the Glenn Beck Radio Show. Hop over to and take a look at the letter Rowe wrote to a fan in response to her attack on him and Glenn Beck.

It is easy to sit back and stand your ground against the left. It is a much harder thing indeed to find common ground upon which to move this country forward again. Jobs for Americans should be a non-partisan issue. Our digging in our collective heels simply sustains the continued unemployment situation and creates more people who must become dependent on the government for their daily subsistence.



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