Why the Free Market is Superior!

Supply and Demand GraphMarket economics is about more than making money or creating wealth; it is about allowing individuals to be the best they can be. Free market economics is the only economic system that allows you to act locally and thinks globally. Freedom and individual responsibility are centric to the philosophy. All socialism, including democratic socialism, depends upon coercion and forcing individuals to do what they may not choose to do Socialism and modern day liberalism are not based on liberty or freedom but on forcing the individual to conform. Modern day America is evolving into a bureaucratic state in which bureaucrats are taking over many of the duties that use to be the tasks of locally elected officials. As was mentioned in a previous article, more regulations are promulgated by the bureaucracy than laws are passed by Congress, and more individuals are tried by the bureaucratic courts than the judiciary ones. These regulations often have the same impact as laws, only they are being written by unelected, unaccountable officials.

Market economics is the enemy of the bureaucratic state since it relies on individuals working together, volunteering to bring new products and ideas to the market. Free market economics begins with an entrepreneur discovering what the consumers want, then providing for that desire. It is whispered by many of businessmen and businesswomen that customers are always right and this demonstrates the true democratic nature of capitalism. Don’t please the consumers? You go out of business. Socialism does not worry about the consumers since government is the driver of economic growth – consumer desire be damned. Of course, the free market is not only morally superior, but it works better in practice. Socialism is seductive since it promises equality, but it is the equality of results not of opportunity, and coercion is required to ensure that all are equal when it comes to results. To ensure all receive equal things requires that some are forced to give up their rights in the name of equality. Equality is determined not by society but by government.

If acting locally and thinking globally is what you are concerned about, then capitalism is the economic system for you, as the entrepreneur has to satisfy his local consumers while dreaming of moving beyond the local scene to a more global market place. What makes free market moral is not just the fact it has superior results but its emphasis on true liberty in allowing individuals to exceed their dreams.


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