Lumberton ISD Principal's Prayer Prompts Threats from Freedom from Religion Foundation

Lumberton ISD is once again in the news. This time it is over a prayer that a Lumberton principal did at a kindergarten graduation. The principal, Kevin Wing, is one of the best principals running one of the best schools in Lumberton. Wing asked the parents if they would mind if he said a prayer for the safety of the kids over the summer. That was it. Fortunately, this Christian prayer incident is not likely to cause any anger in Lumberton, TX. In fact, he will probably get a thank you from many parents who would like to see more prayers in school to combat the moral decline that we have seen over the years in America. He certainly should not get in trouble. If a teacher can walk around the school with a Vote Obama shirt on and not get into trouble, and if a different teacher can ask students to wear Muslim burqas and not get into trouble, then it would be discriminatory to punish this principal for a simple school prayer. I didn't even call for the teacher involved in the burqa incident to get disciplined, I just thought the lesson was a bad idea and should not be allowed. Teaching about religions and other cultures is okay, but having them wear a religious garment goes too far, especially since it was not taught that women could be killed in Muslim countries if they do not wear the burqas. With that being said, this principal who said a prayer should not get into ANY trouble.

Prayer in School is NOT ILLEGAL

Contrary to what liberals, atheists and the Freedom from Religion Foundation says, prayer in school is not illegal. Every once in a while these groups will sue and try to take "Under God" out of the Pledge or prayer out of the public arena because they somehow think having to hear the words “Under God” forces them be believe in God. They cry out about government not being able to establish a national religion but they forget about government also not being able to prohibit the free exercise thereof. I do understand things are a little different at schools because staff members have a position of authority over kids who are learning. Because of this, school staff generally should not get involved in leading prayer or religious activities at school. It is not illegal but it might get the school involved in a lawsuit if a parent wants to sue to stop prayers from happening. That being said, STUDENTS CAN PRAY in schools and at school public events. Principal Wing did not pray in a classroom setting. He was not with the kids by themselves in a learning environment. He was with the parents and did not try to push any religion. He only asked for protection for the kids. No big deal, just don't do it again, nothing to see here, move along. Do not give in to the atheists, though; Principal Wing should still have the prayer, but NEXT TIME JUST LET ONE OF THE KIDS PRAY. Liberals and atheists get mad when school staff members pray but they can't do anything about a kid praying at the graduation.

The Prayer at the Lumberton Kindergarten Graduation - Hardin County District Clerk was witness - The Letter from FFRF

In east Texas, prayer at just about every public meeting, sporting event, and graduation is the norm. There is nothing illegal about it. Prayer has been a pillar of just about every public event and even government meetings since the founding of the United States of America. We even get our rights in America from our "Creator."

"Yes I was there for my son...he said if y'all don't mind I want to say a little prayer for these children...the we all bowed and he said a simple prayer like...protect the children this summer, be with them through their educational journey and for parents and teachers as we bring them up...very short and sweet and then we all said pledge which of course says one nation under God."

Not long after the graduation, LISD received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation threatening the school over the prayer. They said they got a complaint from an anonymous parent, but it is more likely that there was no complaining parent and the organization just heard about the prayer and decided to attack. This organization sends letters like this all the time and they typically get shot down. Freedom from Religion Foundation just lost in court right down the road from Lumberton in Kountze, TX when they tried to not allow students to put Bible verses on signs that the students made. They do not care about the Constitution; they only care about destroying Christianity and the constitutional right of religious expression.

Bottom line, there is nothing illegal about what happened at the Lumberton kindergarten graduation. The principal should not get into trouble. It was a one-time event and from now on the principal should just make sure it is a student praying instead of the principal so that the liberal nuts do not come after the school.

Thanks, Principal Wing! The residents of Lumberton, TX support you!

Lumberton Muslim Burqa Incident and CSCOPE

Recently, the Lumberton ISD was in the news because of a lesson that involved students wearing Muslim burqas. This lesson did not sit well with parents in the school district. The burqa incident even led to national scrutiny of other, unrelated curriculum lessons being taught all across Texas called CSCOPE. The CSCOPE curriculum contained everything from anti-American lessons to seemingly pro-communist and pro-Islam lessons. Needless to say, CSCOPE did not stand a chance after outraged Texans and even the Legislature came after it. CSCOPE eventually pulled all of the lessons, but there is belief that the lessons will still be pushed into Texas schools via other online programs that are not transparent.


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