Child Molester Set Free After Hardin County TX Sheriff's Deputy Investigated for Child Pornography

After writing several articles about corruption in Hardin County and Lumberton, TX nothing should surprise me anymore, right? WRONG!

This latest incident of public corruption shocked me and will likely shock anyone in Texas, or America for that matter.

Charges were dropped against accused child rapist Toby Langham, but not because he did not do it. District Attorney David Sheffield had to drop the charges and let Langham walk because, get this, Hardin County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Jerry Roberts, from Lumberton, TX, is being investigated by the Feds for having child pornography. Jerry Roberts was the lead investigator for the case against Langham and that means all of his work against Langham is tainted. Now I do not believe that Langham will get out of charges in the long run. David Sheffield will get the evidence back together against Langham (without involvement from Jerry Roberts), and he will bring charges back against the accused child rapist. But still, talk about corruption! An accused child rapist goes free because the Sheriff Deputy investigating the case was himself being investigated for having child pornography. That is just hard to believe, but it is true.

I am glad to see that Hardin County Sheriff Ed Cain took swift action and removed Jerry Roberts from the force until the investigation is over, which at that time, if the evidence shows Jerry Roberts really had child pornography, he needs to be fired.

This has also been a hard few months for District Attorney David Sheffield. His own Hardin County District Attorney office clerk, Philip Rodriguez, was recently hit with a public corruption scandal when it was discovered that one of his own employees was stealing money from the public. I was glad to see that Sheffield, like Ed Cain, also took swift action and fired this employee. Great job Hardin County Treasurer Sharon Overstreet for discovering the theft!

Public corruption is everywhere. This is especially true in East Texas. That is why we should always stay vigilant. We should always ask questions. We should always demand transparency. When we find the public corruption, we need to expose it so that it will deter future public corruption and so that the bad guys will be brought to justice.

Unfortunately, this will not be the last story of public corruption in Hardin County and Lumberton, TX. Other instances of corruption are being investigated as I type this article. Check back here in the future so that you do not miss when I post new articles about public corruption in East Texas!

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