Don't Shake Hands?!

Don't shake hands was heard across the baseball playing field after the game was called. Never in the hundreds of baseball games that I have attended have I witnessed such poor sportsmanship.This was an especially disturbing outburst since it involved my grandson's baseball team of 13 year olds, the TERPS, who had just won.

On Saturday we went to a promising game to watch my grandson play baseball against a team made up of 14 year olds. It did not take long before the opposing team had scored 5 runs in the first inning. This should have been enough for the TERPS to feel intimidated but instead they marched on hoping for a break.

Finally in the 5th inning the TERPS were able to score 2 runs and in the 6th inning one more run for 3 runs going into the 7th and last inning. The 7th inning proved to be a gift to the TERPS since the other team started their meltdown. A couple of bad errors and loss of composure, the pitcher tossed the winning run by hitting the batter. Game over and the TERPS win 6 to 5!

What ensued was nothing more than temper throwing antics by the opposing coach. Both teams lined up for the 'Good Game' hand slap but the loser team coach stopped this 'forever American tradition' with the words "DON'T SHAKE HANDS!"

The amazing thing is that not one parent protested the coach's call. So here you have it folks, the further dumbing of America. As long as parents allow this type of ill-perceived entitlement or irresponsible behavior, what can we expect for the future? Individual responsibility is now individual entitlement.


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