Houston Young Republicans (HYR): Constable Hickman discusses Human Trafficking

The issue of human trafficking has been the focus of committees and community advocacy organizations in Houston for the last decade. But little gets done (at least inside City limits) to tackle what many feel is the most egregious human rights travesty of the modern era.

Houston Young Republicans is leading the way in examining the facts, and discovering what kinds of solutions have been implemented elsewhere to slow and even eliminate the abhorrent practice of human trafficking and sex slavery in other major urban centers.

Constable Hickman has largely eradicated the problem within Harris County jurisdiction. He will join HYR on Tuesday to shed light on what the County has done that the City of Houston should seriously consider.

HYR Human Trafficking Event

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"Human Trafficking is a horrid practice that must be exterminated. Without awareness on the issue, there can be no light shed on the number one hub of Human Trafficking: The City of Houston,” says Houston Young Republican Outreach Chair Donna Saa. “We appreciate greatly Constable Hickman being willing to share his wisdom on this vital issue.”

“The key difference between the municipal approach to trafficking and the County approach to trafficking, is that Harris County actually has an approach to begin with,” says Brian Taef, candidate for City Council District G. “The City of Houston addresses the issue once a year, but this is an ongoing issue that needs to be tasked, tackled, and defeated. We need action and strategy within the City of Houston."




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