Leaders and Losers Showcased in Ferguson, Missouri

The volatile situation in Missouri has showcased the profound difference between the character traits of leaders and losers. This week, we have seen:

1) The reckless abandon of criminals who used the situation as an excuse to engage in theft, vandalism, violence, and behave like animals.

2) The racists and race baiters, like Al Sharpton, who rush to the scene and exploit the situation in order to further their own personal racist agenda.

If Al Sharpton was sincerely interested in the shooting of black teens, he would be camped in Chicago where black teens are being gunned down weekly.

Of course, that’s black on black crime …

So…. apparently the life of a black teen is only important and worthy of his attention if the black dies at the hands of a white person .. So… who is the real racist here?

3) President Obama, once again, interjects himself into a racially tense situation before all of the facts are gathered, and reveals that racist chip on his shoulder, further inciting and widening the racial divide in the country.

4) And finally, the emergence of a leader, Capt. Ron Johnson whose words calmed the storm rather than fueling the fire of tension… ensuring truth and justice will prevail in this time of great distress.

Even more impressive was the ease with which Capt. Johnson, humbled himself revealed, as the world watched and listened, that God is the source of his personal strength and faith.

He asked others to have faith in God to work on the minds and hearts of all involved, from the officer who shot Michael Brown, to the protestors, investigating officers, and America as a whole.

Leaders unite and motivate to win.

Losers divide and conquer.


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