Rafael Cruz Endorses Debbie Georgatos’ book, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote!

Rafael Cruz, the father of Texas’ great senator Ted Cruz, works tirelessly to inform voters all over America of the dangers of letting America’s far left Democrats lead our country down to the pits of socialism. His early life in Cuba makes him a first hand witness to the evils of tyranny and socialism. He is also a pastor, and works to encourage other pastors to speak more freely in the pulpit about the issues America is facing. He is a powerful and persuasive advocate for liberty.

That is why I am so grateful and humbled that Rafael Cruz is translating my book, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! into Spanish. And I am especially touched that Rafael Cruz has emphatically endorsed LCWT.

I wrote the book (1) to make the case that conservative political policies are better for women, and (2) to inspire and empower women to speak up more in our daily lives about conservative fiscal and political values, and to decline the invitation by the politically correct to keep conservative views quiet.

This idea of a Spanish translation came from a reader of the book in Florida, who noted that liberal political books are often offered in Spanish, but few, if any, conservative books are.

The need has never been greater for Republicans and conservatives to speak to groups of every background, race, ethnicity or native language. Ideas like liberty, constitutionally based and limited government, and free markets, are good for everyone, and it is incumbent on those who grasp the importance of preserving these values to spread them everywhere.

You can read Rafael’s endorsement of me and of the book on my website www.ladiescanwetalk.org.

I am grateful for an ever-growing list of conservative and Republican clubs asking me to speak about the book, in and outside of Texas, and more importantly for the tremendous power individuals in America have to shape our country’s future, through our commitment to Speak Up For America.


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