Right Place Right Time: Texas Soldier Saves Kidnapped Girl in Missouri

An Army Reserve friend of mine, Christine Clow, was supposed to be back in southeast Texas Friday after visiting her boyfriend in Missouri. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Clow ended up getting stuck in Missouri. Clow getting stuck in Missouri ended up being what saved a little girl’s life from a drunken kidnapper Friday morning at Clear Folk Lake, Knob Knoster, MO. I think that this is a little more than just right place right time. God works in mysterious ways for sure!

Here is what happened according to Christine Clow:

“Today my boyfriend and I went fishing. When we first got there we noticed a woman driving around with a child in the back of a white car. The woman parked her car in the grass next to the parking spaces and seemed completely incoherent and would only stand next to her car staring at the ground. After about 15 minutes, the little girl that was with the woman came down to the other side of the lake bank to us alone. I immediately noticed she was really dirty, she smelled bad and had a large urine mark on her shorts despite wearing a diaper. I took the little girl back up the bank to look for what I thought was her mother. I looked everywhere and the woman was nowhere in sight. The little girl cried out several times for the woman and she did not appear. As I was walking by the woman's car I noticed a large bottle of liquor in the center console of the car. I took the little girl back down the bank to where my boyfriend was still fishing and told him we needed to call the police. Once the police arrived we learned that the little girl had been kidnapped and that an amber alert was about to be posted for her.”


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