Rolling Stone Shills For Anonymous Spokesman Who Threatened FBI Agent's Children

A man charged with a plethora of crimes posted a Youtube video threatening to find the children of an FBI agent after previously threatening to personally destroy that Special Agent.

The man has been called a “political prisoner” by Rolling Stone magazine in a piece entitled: “Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years in Jail"; the subtitle reads, "But No One Can Figure Out What Law He Broke. Introducing America’s Least Likely Political Prisoner.”

“No One Can Figure Out Which Law He Broke” in a headline to a piece that later acknowledges the man publicly threatened an FBI Special Agent and his children may not surprise anyone coming from a magazine that recently gave accused terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev rockstar treatment on their cover. However, examining the journalistic tricks and dishonesty used in the Rolling Stone piece could help right-of-center Americans understand the role left-of-center media outlets play to support their side’s extremists.

Rolling Stone wrote:

In September, Brown uploaded a discombobulated three-part video series, the last one titled "Why I'm Going to Destroy FBI Agent Robert Smith." In the videos, Brown struggles to maintain focus. He demands the return of his Xbox and warns that he comes from a military family that has trained him with weapons – weapons he says he'll use to defend his home. He calls Smith a "fucking chickenshit little faggot cocksucker" before uttering the words he has since admitted were ill-considered, as well as the result of a chemically combustive mental state.

"Robert Smith's life is over," says Brown. "And when I say his life is over, I don't say I'm going to go kill him, but I'm going to ruin his life and look into his fucking kids. How do you like them apples?"

Clearly, one of the “unknown crimes” was written of by Rolling Stone after the headline, insinuating no clear crime had been committed. Rolling Stone did not stop there; they diminish the crime and complain that the FBI was not thoughtful and caring enough in responding to Brown's threat:

It takes a suspension of disbelief to hear a credible physical threat as defined by law. The rail-thin Brown appears a desperate, pathetic character in need of psychiatric help. A more humane FBI office might have sent a doctor rather than a car of armed agents.

Rolling Stone advocates a defense of insanity prior to informing their readers of the acts of the subject they are shilling for. Later, the author attacks the victim as “uncaring” for taking a threat to his children as serious. The article also implies that the accused would not have done this had the FBI not taken his Xbox -- all after using a headline claiming that no discernible crime had been committed.

The Rolling Stone piece is not the only readily available example showing how left-of-center media shill for terrorists or extremists. Stanford University’s Jamie Meltzer has a feature-length documentary soon to be released about my own experiences with these matters. The film, Informant, attempts to detail my life, albeit from a left-of-center perspective, and the experiences I lived through after I worked as an undercover operational source for the FBI to protect the rights of Americans at the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC).

Two leftists made large Molotov cocktails with homemade napalm to throw at Republican delegates and law enforcement officers. After helping stop them, left-of-center media attacked me and attempted to completely erase anything good about my life's history as a prominent leftist organizer. They also worked hard to build sympathy for the bomb-makers, ultimately blaming me, the FBI, and former president George W. Bush for "creating an environment" where anarchists would want to make bombs.

Ultimately, Andrew Breitbart stepped in and set the record straight, but the case shows the extent to which left-of-center media will go to not only provide media cover to their extremists, but to attack anyone who helps blow the whistle on them.

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