Same Sex Marriage and Holy Week

It seems that more and more of God’s natural laws are being challenged by those who wish to have their own personal desires met. Already abortion is legal throughout America and euthanasia is legal in some states. Nine states and the District of Columbia presently allow same sex marriage. The Supreme Court will hear a landmark case in the middle of our Holy Week that could possibly redefine marriage.

California passed Proposition 8 in the November 2008 election making "only marriage between a man and a woman" valid. Two California couples have challenged the ban questioning its constitutionality. It is a shame that so many of our elected officials have ‘evolved’ and now believe in same sex marriage. These same officials are now leading the charge for validating these marriages. We are being bombarded by TV ads promoting same sex marriage saying it is ‘fair’ to allow these unions. Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life reports that in July 2012, Democrats favored same sex marriage by 65%, Republicans by 24% and Independents by 51%.

Parents have enormous responsibilities. The most important is that we entrust to our children our moral values following God’s laws. We as parents are supposed to stand firm so that our children follow our lead, but instead what is happening in America today is parents are willing to throw away their Christian values for the secular values of their children. We see this all around us.

It is not enough that parents are bending in fear of losing their children’s love, but that they too follow values they believe are inherently wrong. Making abortion legal will never make it moral. Making same sex marriage legal will never make it moral. Americans are thirsty for Jesus Christ but don't know where to find Him, reminds me of the song, "Looking for Love in all the wrong places". Instead young people have adopted celebrities to mimic their lifestyle or follow the celebrity’s religion. A word comes to mind, paganism. Are we there yet?

We must pray for our children and grandchildren and America. Can we turn back the tide? I don’t have the answer. I spoke to a friend who is a strong Christian who commented “I hope that Jesus remembers me. I didn’t succeed, but I was faithful.”

NOTES FROM PHIL SEVILLA President Texas Leadership Coalition

What Can We Do?

Holy Week is the best time for all of us Christians to get on our knees, to storm Heaven, and beseech the Lord to have mercy on our nation.

Utilize the resources provided by the U.S. Catholic bishops in the references below.

Pray, pray, pray that between now and summer our Supreme Court Justices as a majority uphold our nation’s founding principles and protect the sanctity of the institution of marriage. Pray especially for Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Roman Catholic. He may very well be the deciding vote to swing a close 5/4 vote on these landmark cases.

Other Christian nations have fallen in the face of the homosexual assaults worldwide. These include Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. The United States is one of the most influential nations in the world. If she falls, the U.N. and the European Union will arguably fall into line and many nations will topple like dominos. We cannot let that happen. Prayer does change the course of the world.

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