Sen. Cruz: Israel’s Iron Dome Protects our Ally, Protects Us

In the last several weeks over 2,500 rockets rained down on the nation of Israel. 80 percent of the population has had to flee what they're doing and run to bomb shelters to hide: moms, dads, and children. When the alarm goes off, they have sometimes 10, 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter. Imagine if the same thing were happening here in America.

Even as the fighting in Gaza grabs the headlines, we have to keep our eyes on the far more serious danger of a nuclear Iran. The threat of a nuclear-armed Iran would make Hamas and their rockets seem like child's play and our support for Iron Dome should be understood in the context of support for the continued development of these systems, which not only protect our friend and ally Israel but they protect us. There is a reason why Hamas and Iran refer to Israel as the little Satan and the United States as the great Satan. Because their intention with both is the same terror, the same murder, the same death and destruction.

Israel is currently working to carry out the grinding work to eradicate these terror tunnels that have been built under schools and kindergartens designed to kidnap and murder young children. And I would note it is an enormously difficult task, one that might prove impossible were it not for the success of Iron Dome limiting the effectiveness of those rockets. And so I would encourage this body to stand together united as one.... and speak in unison that we support the nation of Israel and that we will work with the nation of Israel immediately to replenish their Iron Dome supplies so that they can protect the citizens there and they can do what is necessary to eradicate the Hamas rockets and terror tunnels that are being used to commit war crimes.


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