SPC Justin Lane Receives HERO’S WELCOME with New Home in Comal County

Patriotism is alive and well in Comal County. SPC Justin “JP” Lane received a hero’s welcome on September 11, 2014 with a parade and BBQ, Texas-style. The event was to present JP, as he is called, with a home in Smithson Valley. He was given the ‘keys’ to his new house by HelpingAHero.org. JP could not have landed in a more conservative and friendly neighborhood.

The Patriot Guard Riders led the parade, followed by Republican nominee for Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, and then the Smithson Valley Marching Band. Children from St. Peter and Paul school waited to greet JP, and hundreds of neighbors came to celebrate.

Bush detailed how Lane had lost his legs in Afghanistan on July 3, 2011. He said that Lane was the “personification of courage.” It was hard not to tear up when Lane came to the podium to speak, especially when he said one of his friends did not return home. He said he lives his life to the fullest because “God allowed me to live.”

Singer Lee Greenwood added to the patriotic excitement that overtook the crowd.  The crowd chanted USA, USA and sang with Greenwood during the National Anthem. JP is a working musician and was presented with a signed guitar by Greenwood. JP seemed overwhelmed and very grateful with all the attention he received. At one point in his speech he told the crowd, “I know you love me.”

Greenwood could have been at other 911 events but basically said that there was no other place he would rather be. He said that JP had stood for America; now it was time for us to stand with him. It was phenomenal and surreal listening to Greenwood and JP singing one of the most patriotic songs I know, ‘God Bless the USA’. This is one of those songs that make you feel so proud to be an American. How could you not tear up?

Before JP was given a tour of his new house Captain S. K. Alfstad, military chaplain blessed the house. Once inside JP seems thrilled and I can tell you first-hand how happy and appreciative he was. As I followed JP with the other reporters and photographers, JP said that he wanted this event to happen on 911 because he remembered distinctly where he was during the attack in 2001. He was in the eighth grade and in English class and he knew then he would serve our country.

It was quite an impressive event in Comal County as it brought out Sheriff Bob Holder and District Attorney Jennifer Tharp and many others to welcome our wounded warrior. How fortunate to have JP living the Dream in Texas. As for me and my neighbors we are so happy to have him right here in our neighborhood. He lives about 3 miles from our place.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!



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