Vietnam Foolishness Redux

For many decades, The United States has been by far the most assertive and powerful force for freedom and against oppression on planet earth. That requires a cultural ethic of decency and a dynamic free economy that can produce the wealth and technology to assert strength against oppressive and inhumane forces.

That America established both that benevolent intervention on behalf of others and the power to assert was relatively new to history. There have been world powers, but none approaching the sacrifices America has made for others. And any cultures who have had anything like that empathy hadn't the power to express it. However, today we are repeating our foolhardy ability to lose where we have largely succeeded and sacrificed great blood and treasure in so doing.

This video explains how we squandered success in Vietnam. Bruce Herschensohn personally explains how we turned victory into defeat and lost what was gained at great sacrifice. But be sure to read the account of what happened when we deserted. There was suffering and execution among the Vietnamese whom we had defended. We all remember the abandoned South Vietnamese clutching at the evacuating American helicopters. But neighboring Cambodia also executed millions of people; a large part of its population.

A friend who recently died was actually among the 10 to 15 in the room singing "Give Peace A Chance" in John and Yoko Lennon's recording. But he was among the many Vietnam War protesters who were stunned at the indifference of their fellows to the slaughter and desperation that followed. For he and others, that was Step One on the road to conservatism.  

Today's dereliction is worse because not only as in Vietnam does it mean horrors for the natives who fought with us, it meand exposure to tragedy to the rest of the world including The United States, which is in fact a primary target of radical Islam. In Southeast Asia, communism meant suffering in that area. But it posed and has bee a negligible threat to the rest of the world like China and The Soviet Union.

However, the killers recapturing the north of Iraq that we spent blood and treasure to win, mean to establish an Islamic state. 19 ill-equipped jihadists trained in an Afghan sanctuary committed suicide in steering commercial jets into The World Trade Center, killing three thousand and destroying these centers of world trade. How can anyone imagine that suicide missionaries would not use more disastrous weapons if they could. And an established Islamic state would be that sanctuary to implement the desired destruction of Israel and America.

This administrations advocates say it was Bush who planned to leave Iraq. Yes, but now without a status of forces presence left behind which would prevent the sort of thing that has happened after our departure. Obama says that Iraq didn't want us to leave forces. That's just another lies. Obama lies like a schoolboy. And may well be left for another president to deal with a festering or burst infection. If it's a Republican he'll be called a warmonger unless that burst infection is a nuclear device that eviscerates an American city or multiple cities.

This president wreaks destruction on most everything he touches. Foreign policy, medicine, finance, energy development...and on an on. I've never seen anything like it or imagined it possible.


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