An Administration Plagued By Scandal

You know things are bad for an Administration when members of their own party come out against them. Well that’s exactly what happened to the Obama Administration last week.

They can no longer hide from the problems that come from too much government and an overreach of power. If you tuned into the President’s news conference last Thursday, you heard members of the press link the subpoena of Associated Press phone lines to illegal activities undertaken by members of the Nixon Administration. This was a comparison I made when Attorney General Holder was questioned last week by me and other members of the House Judiciary Committee. In my opinion, this massive intrusion of freedom of the press could cause an intimidating and chilling effect on whistleblowers and confidential sources that are vital to the coverage of government.

Regarding discrimination by the IRS, the President said last Thursday that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. How can we believe that? His track record for holding anyone in this Administration accountable for wrongdoing is deplorable.

The American people and my colleagues in Congress are disappointed with the President and his continued lack of transparency and accountability.


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