Are Democrats Liberal or Socialist?

Are Democrats liberal or socialist? Rasmussen had a recent poll in which Democrats were divided by their view on socialism, and Gallup polls showed that the majority of liberals and Democrats had a favorable view of socialism. Rasmussen noted that by nearly a 3 to 1 margin, the average American doesn't really care for socialism, but it is obvious many in the Democratic Party do. So does a party that is sympathetic to socialism by its members a socialist Party? Gallup showed that Democrats viewed the Federal government more positive than capitalism. For the past several years, it was the Republicans that were called radical or out of touch, but we have a major political party that is essentially a socialist party, granted a democratic socialist party, but one just the same.

As I observed before, Obama's theory of the private sector is that the private sector serves the public sector, and it is the duty of the government to guide the private sector and economic development. The government is the creator of wealth, and it is the public sector that gives the private sector its right to exist. This explained his famous “You didn’t build it speech.” Maybe a clue to this was the famous Julia slide show featured on the Obama's campaign website. For those who don’t remember, it was slide show that followed Julia from cradle to social security. The thrust of the Julia slide show was that government programs proved responsible for the good things happening in her life. What was missing in the Julia slide show was a private societal sphere, nor did Julia appear to have parents or a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend. Julia belonged to the state and the state took care of her. The state is all.

Just look at the Obama agenda, the way he campaigned and finally his recent steps in dealing with the fiscal cliff. We have a modern day Democratic socialist as the head of a Leftist political Party. We have a government run car industry, a green industry subsidized by government and too big to fail is codified by Dodd-Frank. Nor can we forget that Obamacare is government care.

We will now see the danger of having a radical party that no longer truly believes in the private sector or a private sphere. The modern day Democrat views the private sector is competing with the government for scarce resources as opposed to being a private sector that creates and expands wealth. The left's view of society is as an organism with limited resources to be shared as opposed to wealth being created. The Democratic Party has long shredded its center and is now the Defacto Party of the left, and the question to be asked, is can we simply dispense with the notion that the Democratic Party is not just a Party of the left but simply declare it for what it is; the Socialist Party of America.



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You've assumed, as an entire premise of your article, that somehow socialism is 'bad' or 'undesirable', yet many European states have socialist or quasi-socialist governments. 
You go on to assume that this make the democratic party 'radical' - no, not really. You assume that within a socialist government there can be no private sphere, but that's blatantly either intentionally misleading or willfully ignorant. 
I think of a democratic socialist party as being far more of a government "by the people and for the people" than the republican party. It is not true that a government *for* the people would be a government that looked after the well-being of its constituency? 
For being a political writer, there are numerous flaws with your commentary here - most of them appear to be either ignorance or intentionally misleading and biased. 

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