Congressman Sessions on the Require a Plan Act

This week, the House once again took action to address our nation’s debt crisis. On Wednesday, we passed the Require a PLAN Act, a bill that calls on the President to submit a budget plan that achieves balance.

Under the President’s policies, our budget deficits have exceeded a trillion dollars – despite his promise to cut the federal deficit in half by the end of his first term. I believe that if we do not reverse this course immediately, we will harm generations of Texans to come. I was pleased to vote in favor of this common-sense bill and urge the President to join us in bringing forth a plan that will ultimately eliminate the deficit and restore fiscal balance.

In the coming weeks under the leadership of Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, House Republicans will propose yet another serious budget plan to eliminate the deficit and restore confidence in our economy. To stay up-to-date on our budget plan and actions to get our economy back on track, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, download my SmartPhone App, or visit my website.



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