Cornyn Statement on the Five-Year Anniversary of Obama’s Failed Stimulus

I issued the following statement to mark the five-year anniversary of the signing of President Obama’s stimulus plan.

When the stimulus was first announced, we were promised it would lead to ‘shovel-ready’ jobs and get our economy moving. Five years later, our economy is still sluggish, Americans are dropping out of the workforce by the thousands, and the President’s latest big government experiment, Obamacare, is now on track to slash 2 million more jobs from the workforce.

The President has forced his big government agenda on the American people over the past five years and the results have been more debt, fewer jobs, and less opportunity for growth. We have reached a point where reining in the government is our only chance for a fiscally stable future, and it’s time to come together to enact sensible reforms that restrain Washington’s runaway spending.


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