Elizabeth Warren gains ground on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton may suffer Election Disappointment 2.o, and might have to remain in the ranks of the “dead broke.”

In what looks like a replay of the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton will likely get a challenger, and again it will come at the behest of the Kennedy’s. In 2008, Teddy and Caroline Kennedy backed the completely obscure Barack Obama over Hillary Rodham Clinton, and it’s happening again. This time the Kennedy clan it is claimed is quietly wooing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to this article by Ed Klein.

There is a rumor that even Obama will back Warren over Clinton, as this video suggests:

For those of you keeping score, I have gone on record to say that Hillary Clinton will not be the 2016 presidential nominee for the Democrats.

I find it interesting that Elizabeth “Fake Indian” Warren is their candidate, as she is the child of Sarah Palin and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz when it comes to polarization.

According to Klein,

Over the past several weeks, the Kennedys have tried to settle their family quarrel by inviting Clinton and Warren to their compound in Hyannis Port, where each woman has been put through a kind of audition for the role of party standard-bearer.

Elitist filthy rich Liberals feel they have an obligation to control politics, and as Klein reported,

Despite the death of the family patriarch, Ted, the Kennedys still consider themselves the torchbearers of the Democratic Party.

“A Kennedy endorsement matters,” said a family member. “It’s not just the aura of being compared to JFK, Bobby and Ted. But it’s also the use of the Hyannis Port compound and the JFK Library, which are magnets for fund-raisers.”

You’d think the Kennedy’s would have lost stature with their last selection of Obama, but nothing has to make sense for Liberals.

The fact is neither Warren nor Clinton is remotely qualified to be president. The Democrats are betting on this being the Election of Republican Male Oppression. They may soon find that the Democrats themselves are having a war on women, as these two frauds are exposed even more.


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