Evidence of IRS’ Lois Lerner Abusing Power Lost?

It’s been over a year since we found out about IRS discrimination against groups that don’t share their political views, and I’m still outraged at the Administration’s abuse of power. We’ve been doing everything we can in the House to get to the bottom of this and restore fairness in our nation’s tax system. But as you’ve probably heard, IRS officials aren’t doing their part to comply. They claim that because of a computer crash, the exact emails we need to prove Lois Lerner’s involvement in targeting conservative groups have been lost. But that doesn’t add up. Laws require all federal agencies to back up their emails. And the IRS had a contract with a file-storage company for this very purpose. So why won’t they turn over Lerner’s emails? And would the IRS allow us taxpayers to use the same ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuse when tax season rolls around? I doubt it.

We’re taking an aggressive approach to sort out the facts. The House is pressing for interviews, briefings, and a Department of Justice investigation. The Oversight Committee will hold hearings tonight and tomorrow to gather more information. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of yet another investigation into foul play at the IRS. We’ll continue to hold the Administration accountable, at the IRS and across the federal government.


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