HYR revolts against GOP establishment, offers 'Return to Principle' as solution to 2012

Millennial Republicans in Houston are breaking with the establishment to chart a new course for the GOP, built on facing political realities, while maintaining that better communication--not giving away the store--are key to victory in future elections.

Younger Americans need to hear that some things are still right, and some things are still wrong. There should not be a single Republican who supports drones and indefinite detention, but there are several. Conversely, every Republican should recognize the value of lower taxes both for growing the economy, and for generating higher revenues. Lower tax rates are statistically proven to increase revenues at a faster pace due to expansion of the tax base. And yet, presidential challenger Mitt Romney spent a majority of his time in the last election season arguing which loopholes to close, instead of arguing why taxes should be cut.

HYR membership includes ages 20-40.

HYR is tired of the GOP retreating from discussion and viewing "bipartisan agreement" as the standard of good government. If Republicans fall over themselves to agree with the Democrats, why are they needed? What alternative are Republicans offering? America does not operate a parliamentary system wherein we all swear allegiance to the king and kiss his ring. This is a democratic republic, where differences are the point.

The Republicans are the opposition party to the current regime. We are the majority in the House. And we are right. It is time to get to work or get out of the way. As Congressman Poe says, "Our cause is just." HYR is now a catalyst for actual change in the Republican Party, change from finger-in-the-wind niche politics, back to principle. This has been accomplished by the adoption of three planks:


(Lower taxes always yield more revenue, lower unemployment, and high upward mobility. American enemies fear to attack an America that is overwhelmingly strong, and willing to use deadly force--they attack when we negotiate out of fear.)


(Bob Doles, John McCains and Mitt Romneys lose elections--Ronald Reagans win.)


(Republicans are so polite, that when the left lies--Republicans take it. When Barack Obama says that Republicans are playing politics with the budget, it should be all over every network that Republicans have introduced the only budgets in the last four years, and that President Obama has approved none. Similarly, when President Obama dismisses Republican opposition to his policies as obstructionist, labeling Republicans the "Party of 'No,'" Republicans should own it, and use it as an opportunity to engage the American people.)

2012 was not lost only because of fraud. It was lost because Republicans stopped believing in themselves.

Readers are encouraged to see the latest HYR press release, detailing the successful efforts of HYR to deregulate the craft beer industry, creating new opportunities and thousands of jobs for Texans. If California can manage to deregulate an industry, why can't Texas?


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