July Agenda in Congress

Congress has a packed schedule in July, and there’s a lot to be done.  The House will be working on appropriations bills, which is how we fund the government. In following with the budget plan we passed earlier this year, these spending bills will reduce wasteful spending and take steps to address our deficit.  Additionally, I’m hopeful that we will be taking up a Farm Bill again this month. The current extension expires at the end of September, and our farmers need long-term policy in place before then. An immigration bill has passed the Senate, and I expect the House will consider border security in advance of any broader immigration reform proposals.

Additionally this month, we’ll continue our oversight and investigation of the Obama Administration. We will be asking more questions about the IRS, reining in the Environmental Protection Agency’s overreach on issues like the Lesser Prairie Chicken, and working to stop the government’s abuses of power. As part of that effort, I recently signed on to a resolution calling for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder

I’ve created a Voting Record page on my website where you can see every single vote I take in Congress.  I’ll also be highlighting votes on high-profile legislation, so you can see how I voted and why. July will be a busy month, as always I will keep you informed.


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