Legislation Passed This Past Week

On Wednesday the House of Representatives passed the 2015 Financial Services Appropriations Act. This common-sense legislation prioritizes effective financial programs, streamlines funding for the federal government, and reigns in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It cuts total funding for the IRS by $341 million, prohibits the IRS from targeting Americas for exercising their First Amendment rights, and stops funding for further implementation of ObamaCare. I proudly supported this pro-growth legislation because it efficiently invests in programs essential to the financial health of our country and enforces regulations on government agencies that continue to work inefficiently and unlawfully such as the IRS.

On Thursday the House passed H.R. 4719, the America Gives More Act. Americans have a long history of giving back to their communities and helping those in need. This legislation reaffirms that tradition by permanently codifying provisions in the tax code that encourage and promote charitable giving. Each of these provisions will help philanthropic organizations continue to serve their communities, this nation, and the world. I believe it is imperative that we continue to give private charities the opportunity to provide for those in need instead of putting their care solely in the hands of the federal government.


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