Let's Take Back America One Election At A Time

My friends, I am writing to you in order to give you an opportunity to personally have a hand in the battle to take back America, starting here at home, in the fourth largest city in the country, Houston, Texas. In 14 days (Nov. 3) Houston, Texas will be choosing a new mayor. There are 4 candidates, but only one conservative, Roy Morales. Roy is a very qualified candidate, has a tremendous vision for Houston, and will apply conservative principles to the many issues facing this city. A refreshing difference from the wacky lunacy and shocking proposals coming out of Washington!

Almost EVERY day some new proposal is leaked to the public, in an attempt to overwhelm us, to embrace the “Hope” and “Change” ideology of this administration. Many of us who claim to be conservatives have discussed these issues, we have spoken about them, written about them, and complained about them. Some of us have gotten involved with the Tea Party movement in an effort to express our frustration with the current state of affairs.

Now is the time to do something with your pent-up frustration. You now have an opportunity, for the next 14 days, to make a statement – to draw a line in the sand – and say NO MORE! No More to Obama and the Democrat’s plans to turn the state of Texas Blue. NO MORE to liberal Marxist plans to spend and tax us into oblivion! Obama’s campaign team is running Gene Locke’s campaign – Do you wish to have Obama’s people running Houston as he has run Washington?

As I often tell folks – It is Deeds, not Words that matter! You now have the opportunity to help Roy Morales take a stand for conservative leadership in our great city! Roy doesn’t benefit from George Soros’ or ACORN money – he is totally dependent on financial support from those whom agree with his conservative message. How much is it worth to you, to stop Obama in his tracks and bring common-sense conservative values to the Mayor’s office? As we look at the various races around the country, let it be known that if conservatives are going to boot out these leftist incumbents, it will take work and financial support greater than we have ever given in the past – if “We the People” have any hope of taking back our country!

Now is not the time to agree with me and do nothing! We are calling on ALL conservatives to step up to the plate and take a stand!

You might ask me, “I don’t live in Houston, why should I care about what happens there?” Freedom & liberty loving individuals from all over the country can take their frustration and funnel it to make a statement to this nation, with your small donation you can help tell Washington D.C. that we will not allow Obama to extend his tentacles into Houston, as he has in other areas of our country.

You can have an opportunity to make this statement. Roy needs your financial support – however little or much you may be able to give. Your support at http://roymorales.com/contribute will make a powerful message to the nation as a true grass roots candidate gains his support from “We the People”.

One of the most pressing needs of the Morales campaign today, is the need for volunteers who are willing to promote his candidacy at early voting locations. Please call Helena at the number listed above to assist the campaign with this important duty.

  • This week, @ 10:00 AM Roy’s offices will be open for all those who wish to give their most precious resource, time. Campaign staff will be available to assist you in finding areas where you may best help the campaign. 
  • Office locations are:
    • Roy Morales for Mayor -West-Side Office, 11200 Westheimer Rd Suite 210 •
    • Roy Morales for Mayor – East Side Office, 6871 Lawndale
  • If you would like to serve on one of Roy’s Sign Squads, please call Alvin at 832-788-1345 (training will be provided)
  • If you'd like to have a phone or walk list for your precinct, please email your precinct number to [email protected] 

Now is the time to take action! You have stewed over our nation’s future; you have voiced your opinion, spoken to friends, families, and associates, but please know that while these activities are important, eventually, you have to decide whether or not you will actually DO SOMETHING, or will you just continue to talk?

14 days. That’s it, to help the Roy Morales for Mayor of Houston campaign. Where will history place you? One of those who bucked the liberal juggernaut, who took a stand to help someone who actually holds your values, or one of those who “thought about” helping, who “talked a lot” about conservative values, who is “big into the Tea Parties”?

This opportunity to help a fellow conservative is in your hands – It is up to you and totally your decision to completely get behind a conservative candidate or to allow “someone else” to do so?

I challenge you to take a step – help Roy’s campaign with your financial support, with your time and talents, with your vote, and influence in the sphere in which you live – In the end, it won’t be about those who talked the talk - it will be Deed, not Words, that mattered. You can help make history – the first major city in the United States to say “NO” to the left - or you can help the White House place Houston in its pocket. It is up to you! – “Deeds, not Words, are what matters!” Will you help Roy Morales, or perhaps, attend another Tea Party?



     Roy Morales is the ONLY candidate for Mayor of Houston who has promised to implement the 287g program, and put a stop to all the illegals flooding to Houston because they know it's a Sanctuary City.
     He has stated that if the law is broken, then the perpetrator should face the proper punishment, including turning illegal aliens over to the Immigration Service for deportation.
      It's to late for the Houston Police Officers who have been killed by illegals, and all the innocent people killed by illegals without a drivers license who drove drunk and didn't care about the consequences.
      The Hispanic community should put ALL it's weight behind Mr. Morales, because illegals don't care whose life they take while driving drunk, and it doesn't bother them a bit if they take jobs away from citizens, including Hispanics, during these troubled economic times.

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