The Obama Regime Assault Comes to Hollywood

In Hollywood, the non-profit Friends of Abe, which promotes conservative values in Hollywood is now under investigation by the IRS as the IRS terror campaign against conservative groups continues. Friends of Abe is applying for a 501c3, but so far the application goes unanswered. Friends of Abe has over the years invited conservative speakers to Hollywood to expound upon conservative ideals as part of its education campaign to move Hollywood just a little bit to the right.

In Hollywood, it is a badge of honor to be honest about one’s sexual orientation but not about one's political leanings, and conservatives fear being blacklisted as part of modern day McCarthyism. The IRS has, for the past two years, delayed the application with the IRS questioning the organization's lists of speakers and its social agenda.

The executive director of Friends of Abe, Jeremey Boreing, told the New York Times, “Friends of Abe has absolutely no political agenda. It exists to create fellowship among like-minded individuals.” The IRS has questioned the group about its membership criteria, and the social events including meetings with well-known conservatives Paul Ryan and Herman Cain. It is not unusual for tax exempt groups to invite speakers, and the IRS will review such events, but the reality is if this was the Friends of Marx (and I don’t mean Groucho), this regime IRS would not be as concerned and the group would have its application approved.

The IRS has attempted to get into the enhanced access to Friends of Abe's protected website with the idea of finding out the membership lists. The benefit is that by exposing names, it becomes easier for the left to intimidate and harass actors or workers, and the goal is to stop any conservative organization within the acting community.

Friends of Abe is just the latest chapter of the IRS intimidation campaign against conservative groups and is part of a larger project. One of the biggest fights in the budget debate is the GOP efforts to stop the IRS from instituting new rules to restrict the activity of 501C4’s and try to subvert Citizens United. The White House and the Democrats are fighting this since they are depending upon the IRS to muzzle their political opponents.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, the IRS introduced “new rules to improve the law governing political non-profits,” but they expanded to all manner of educational activities and use this to restrict political activities. This rule will be used strictly against conservative opponents.

The political war against Friends of Abe is part of a larger strategy to silences conservative grassroots. One threat to the left would be a Hollywood that is not only friendly to Republicans but actually become a place where significant donations to Republicans start matching what Democrats get out of Hollywood.

The IRS' war against conservative groups is a dagger aimed at the heart of our democracy. Using the IRS to intimidate our citizens is the stuff that third world dictators do, and the Obama regime has acted as a thugacracy. It is time to resist this intrusion into our political free speech, and the IRS attack on the Friends of Abe is our battle that has to be won.



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