Revisiting The Life of Julia

Most recently I wrote about how Wendy Davis' rise through Texas Politics can be traced as much to the efforts and aid by her second husband than anything she has done. Davis' own political rise, along with Hillary Clinton's soon to be second run at the Presidency, were aided by male patrons who supported their efforts; but there is more to the story.

Clinton and Davis view government as a Sugar Daddy, with goodies distributed to political friends and specific supportive groups. This view could easily be seen in a slide show, The Life of Julia, presented by the 2012 Obama campaign. I originally reviewed this slideshow in the summer of the 2012 campaign, but the matter in which both of these feminist icons rose to power and their party's view of government makes it imperative that we review this slide show and decide whether this is the America we want.

The slide tells the story of a fictional character named Julia and her life story. Throughout her life, our government helps our Julia, providing her with small business loans, wonderful health care, and when she retires, social security and Medicare. In Hillary Clinton, Wendy Davis and Barack Obama's worldview, Julia is helpless to help herself and it becomes the government's responsibility to help her. Throughout her life, there are many significant things missing like parents, husbands, or for that matter, any men. Julia has a child, but there is no father to be seen; but then again Julia doesn’t really need a man for government is her main man. In the Davis/Obama/Clinton world view, all rights are granted by the state and the government will provide Julia with all that life requires: a job, college education, free birth control bills, free abortions and free health care.

The problem with this scenario is that any rights granted by government can be modified or changed. The Obamacare fiasco that is unfolding is an example of that. Julia is probably finding out that the insurance she has may have been canceled, forcing her on the exchange. And if Julia is at the young side of life and healthy, she will be paying a higher price than normally with a higher deductible. And if she doesn’t qualify for a subsidy, she might not even be able to afford the new premiums, but at least she gets her free birth control pills. As Obamacare moves forward, Julia will find as she gets older, Obamacare bureaucrats will determine what treatment she can have. As one pundit quipped that you don’t see a Julia beyond age 67, and maybe she became a victim of IPAB death panels, but within this quip lays the truth. Government will ration health care for the older Julia and will change the rules on which the “right to health care” rides.

Julia can be only an entrepreneur with government aid, and that is the heart of Davis/Clinton/Obama thinking of economics: government creates wealth not the private sector. Their ideology precludes the need of family, husbands or a private civil society as government will take care of everything from cradle to grave. Women don’t need men, they have government, and the result is a dependency state that all of Julia’s desires and needs are taken care of from the time of her birth and to her death.

Look at America today, where unemployment benefits have ceased to be a stopgap for many workers to find new opportunities but a way of life, and more people are on food stamps than ever before. And many Democrats are proud of the fact that their economic plan has ensnared so many people on expanded welfare roll. There was a time both Democrats and Republicans agreed that welfare should be a stopgap measure not a way of life, and we are not talking that long ago, like the Bill Clinton administration. Now we see his own wife has rejected this consensus and campaigned for a life that our fictional Julia and real Americans become the ward of the state.



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