We Should Defund Obamacare and Fund Military Pensions

Last week, I asked for unanimous consent to pass one amendment to prohibit the omnibus spending bill from funding Obamacare, then a second amendment to defund Obamacare and use the funds to restore cuts to military pensions.

This $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill is outrageous enough, but on top of that it provides direct funding for Obamacare, which is destroying jobs, killing insurance plans, causing premiums to increase and people to lose their doctors. We should defund Obamacare and focus our tax dollars on priorities that help Americans, such as restoring full funding for military pensions for the men and women who protect us. Instead, the Senate squelched any debate over Obamacare and proceeded to pass its trillion dollar spending bill no one has even read. The fact that the Washington establishment is hailing a massive $1 trillion omnibus spending bill as a worthy achievement is exactly whats wrong with our government today.


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