Will Our Ailing Constitution Finally Be Dead?

It has been chiseled away at all of my life and beyond. But I fear we may now be about the conclusive death and burial of The US Constitution that enabled the most productive, prosperous and generous nation that ever graced the human race. And many planners on the left will be pleased by that. But what is happening right now?

If the timid, media-whipped Republicans will not stand united in not allowing Harry Reid to reinsert funding in the Continuing Resolution for Obamacare, we may be at a decisive point in American history, and its likely demise as the nation it was founded as and the powerhouse it became. I disagree that the blame of Republicans is inevitable for a Democrat-forced shutdown of government services. IF Republicans were united in flooding media and communications to constituents that they have voted to fund ALL of government EXCEPT for the unpopular Obamacare, they could put the focus on Democrats clinging at all costs to Obamacare. But they aren't united, and if they can't engage the struggle to make THAT objective case, then they have the courage for nothing of significance.

But what the timid Republicans are arguing for is to let Obamacare take effect, and watch people see its shortcomings. THEN, they HOPE to win control of Congress in 2014, which I think is LESS likely without bold principled action, and I assume gain negotiating strength, because Obama and a veto will still be there. But after benefits and subsidies that start in days are in place, I'm certain that these frightened Republicans will only propose qualifications that still retain an unconstitutional system of definite government control over the medical system. They will have utterly thrown in The Constitution and will be fully vested in a society without the benefit of the constraints that assure liberty and social prosperity. We now quite emphatically will not have one unconstitutional party but two. And both will bear the responsibility for the adverse consequences that will result.

If they were being honest, our politicians of both parties would make a ceremony of removing The Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence from The National Archives to The Smithsonian Museum.



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