Rep. Mike Hamilton Calls Opponent's Supporter "f*****" and "gay' at Polling Location

Rep. Mike Hamilton just took it up a notch today. Hamilton went really dirty and just started calling people names at the polling location in Lumberton, TX.

I now understand why Hamilton got so many ethics violations and a dishonorable mention from Texas Monthly for unprofessional actions in the Texas House of Representatives.

Here is what happened:

As I stood by the road in Lumberton, TX holding a sign for James White, Hamilton pulled up to me and rolled down his window and said, "You look gay standing out there, you look like a f*****."

Later in the day, as I walked back to the building from the road, a voter who knew me came up to me and told me that she wanted to let me know that she was standing by Mike Hamilton's tent and she overheard Hamilton bragging about how he rolled down his window and called me a f**. She said she was shocked that he would be bragging about something like that in public. She almost did not think it was even true until I told her that Hamilton indeed had done that!

Politics can get dirty but a State Representative rolling down his window and calling someone an obscenity is so completely unprofessional that it is just hard to even believe!

I am happily married with a baby boy on the way just so Hamilton knows....

I don't know if Hamilton will win, but James White is in the lead so far, and I hope James White wins!


I told Hamilton early in the last session of the Legislature at his Capitol Office, that legalizing the criminal aspects of the Texas Towing Law, he would be defeated in the next election.

Well, it happened...

Because of Mike Hamilton's votes, child molesters can now be issued a state occupation license and receive taxpayer paid job training prior to being released from prison.


I was sad to hear he made such a comment and then bragged about it! Shows to all the world what kind of person he is. Was delighted to see that James White beat him soundly!!

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