Jamie Dimon and Occupy Wall Street

Jamie Dimon, head honcho of Wells Fargo, helped launch the Obama presidency, when he along with other Wall Street tycoons, contributed early to the Obama campaign. His donation and early support gave Obama street cred with the big money guys in the Democratic Party and allowed Obama to compete with Hillary Clinton.

Now Dimon finds himself the victim of Occupy Wall Street as they paraded in front of his house. He must be wondering, "Wasn’t the Obama Administration supposed to keep the barbarians at the door?" Instead, they are marching in front of his house, demanding figuratively his head. During the French Revolution, the mob lined the street as they brought their victim to the guillotine and cheered as their victim's head was displayed for all the world to see. The recent march to Dimon’s house was a reenactment, but the message was the same as the mob walked past Dimon and his fellow billionaires homes. How much does it hurt to have the mob walk by Dimon's home along with the infamous Koch Brothers and Rudolph Murdoch; the axis of all evil in the mind of the mob? How does Dimon feel being compared to those evil right wingers when he has supported all the right causes and provided money for the various shock troops now walking past his home? Wasn’t the administration supposed to keep the barbarians off his back? When the Obama administration promised to keep the barbarians away from the proverbial gate, it was the Tea Party they were referring; those free market main street types who opposed the various bailouts for financial institution like Mr. Dimon’s Wells Fargo. The true barbarians were the various forces they aligned themselves with and who are the true rabble rousers ready for street theater. Tea Party members are the party of the rule of law and it would never occur to them to march to the homes of their intended victims but, it is has been the MO of the left for the past decades in the battle of intimidation.

Mr. Dimon has now been introduced to the enemy of capitalism and found that they were on his side all the time. His support of crony capitalism ran smack into the reality that the mob doesn’t care for his participation in crony capitalism as they look for social justice. It is not that the mob opposes crony capitalism, only that they don’t want Wall Street part of the alliance, never mind the fact that without the Wall Street liberals and leftist billionaires like George Soros, there is no funding for their tactics. For years, many on Wall Street provided support for the various demands that street activists like ACORN demanded as part of the grand alliance against those Middle America populist plus supporting leftist causes made Dimon and his fellow liberal Wall Street types feel good that they too supported a just and wonderful society.

This was so predictable since this has been the left's game plan for years and one only has to read the writings of an Alinsky or Francis Piven Fox to know that in the new just society, Wall Street is to be controlled by the people and now the rabble has been released for the 2012 elections. The right has never fully perfected these tactics, but then the average Tea Party doesn’t have a month or two of their lives to spend in a New York park, for many of them work for a living. Conservatives never seem willing to break the civil contract that makes societies function. Ann Coulter in her book, Demonic, observed quite correctly that many conservatives are influenced by American revolution in which the rule of law was emphasized, whereas the left is enticed by the French Revolution where mob rule overruled the law that existed, creating a society that produced the guillotine and Napoleon dictatorship.

In the American Revolution, the leaders merely transformed America into the most successful Republican government with peace and prosperity whereas the French Revolution was the precursor to Communist revolution of the 1917 and the model for most of the dictatorship that dominated the 20th century. The revolutionary leaders found themselves on the chopping block as the revolution eventually turned against the powers to be; something that Dimon should have expected. In Revolutions, the first to be killed after the establishment is overthrown are the various moderates who seek to restrain the passion unleashed. Dimon is the first to be sacrificed and the question that remains, will Dimon and his ilk learn their lesson or are they going to allow their compassion for social justice to cloud their judgment, as it should be obvious, the leaders of the mob care little for social justice. They seek power to transform society as they see fit. Dimon is but the sacrificial lamb to jettison along with the counter revolutionaries like Murdoch and the Koch Brothers. Dimon's sin is that he is rich and that is enough to convict him of not being subservient to the will of the street. The street brooks no opposition or questioning of the Obama agenda for to question the One’s method is to oppose the agenda. To paraphrase a famous legislator, to compromise with the establishment or the right is no virtue.

Dimon got what he deserved in the end since he brought this on himself, but he also helped unleash the passion that threatens the civil society that he and his fellow liberals claims to love. Much of the left leadership hates what America represents, and they view Dimon and his fellow liberals no different from their right counterparts. Part of a Party led by a community organizer, this was to be expected and while much of the liberal establishment along with quite a few conservatives wanted to believe that Obama was one of their own; the reality was that Obama was more Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright than a card caring member of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council, which disbanded after Obama's election. They close their eyes, and now we are suffering. As for Dimon and the rest of the Democratic Party, they chose to demonize the Tea Party, the true defender of the civil Society and aligned themselves with the mob. Now the mob has become the grassroots of the Democratic Party and while much of the Democratic leadership has shown to put their lot with the rabbles in the street, the Democratic Party has evolved into the mob as whatever moderation the Party has been removed. Even liberal Joe Lieberman has been removed from the Party hierarchy and what was left of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party was essentially wiped out in 2010. Dimon is responsible for the mob in the street for he enabled them and their leaders, but it is the rest of us that has suffered as a result. In a crucial election, civility is now dead. Dimon deserved his fate and watching the mob that he helped to gain powers, but we don’t deserve ours.


I never knew Jamie Dimon would leave JPMorgan Chase to work for smaller Wells Fargo. LOL!

Jamie Dimon does not work for Wells, he's the CEO of JP Morgan Chase

He is the CEO of JP morgan not wells dumb sh*t, know what your talking bout before you talk...

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