Janet Napolitano Creates "Global Warming" Task Force

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has announced that the Department of Homeland Security has created a new task force, called the Climate Change and Adaptation Task Force, to counter global warming's effects on domestic security operations.

Napolitano explained that the task force was charged with “identifying and assessing the impact that climate change could have on the missions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security.”
According to the former Arizona governor, the task force would address specific questions, including:
“How will FEMA work with state and local partners to plan for increased flooding or wildfire or hurricane activity that is more serious than we’ve seen before? What assistance can the Coast Guard bring to bear to assist remote villages in, for example, Alaska which already have been negatively affected by changes up in the Arctic?”
...The conference did not define “environmental justice,” and the only reference to the task force that can be found is on the DHS Web site. The June 2010 Department of Homeland Security Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan states “climate change has the potential to accelerate and intensify extreme weather events which threaten the nation’s sustainability and security.”

Maybe instead of wasting time making up a task force to counter "global warming," Napolitano should actually get something done on securing our border!


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So, they try to imply CO2 regulation is a matter of national security. Our friends on the left also are trying the tactic of saying there is a moral imperative to have this, and want church organizations to promote it – but there‘s one thing they don’t bother to tell you about what supposedly justifies their imperative. Please see my 12/18 American Thinker article “The Case of the Curious Climate Covenant” 

     Excerpt: “So which is the bigger sin? Failing to stop a so-called global warming crisis which has increasing credibility problems with its underlying science assessments, or breaking the 9th Commandment in order to be sure scientists‘ criticisms aren’t taken seriously?”


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