The Left's Infatuation with Sarah Palin

The left infatuation with Sarah Palin knows no boundary as the most recent Joe McGinnis book details. McGinnis is no Palin fan and certainly his upcoming book about the former Alaska Governor shows it. For those who may not know Joe McGinnis, his first entry into fame was his book on the 1968 Nixon’s campaign called Selling Of The President, written some forty years ago and since then has authored many other books. Mr. McGinnis spent part of his time for the past year living next to the Palins and behaving more like a stalker than a journalist, while trying to find any dirt on Sarah Palin.

I will spare you from having to buy the book - McGinnis claims that Sarah Palin had a one night stand with Glen Rice, a former Michigan and Miami Heat star, an affair with a former business partner of Todd Palin, snorted coke, smoked dope, and claimed other rumors treated as fact. Palin is supposedly simultaneously setting up a Theocracy and doesn’t really practice her faith that much or something like that. McGinnis has already made it clear he can’t stand Sarah Palin, so it is not like he was going to write a flattering biography. The left is more caught up in Palinmania than most conservatives, and this book simply proves it. As John Hindraker observed in his Powerline blog, McGinnis holds contradictory opinions of Sarah Palin. On one hand she supposedly doesn’t like to be around African-Americans, but she had an affair with a black athlete? So are we to assume that Palin doesn’t like black people except when she beds them?

If anyone has ever read any of Palin’s own writings or even listened to her, you will find out, for example, that she admitted to smoking dope but didn’t like it. She even inhaled it as opposed the 42nd President, who simply never engaged in a full hit of marijuana. Her experience as governor was that of a reformer who took on crony capitalism, corruption within her own Party and battled oil companies. She actually proved to be moderate conservative, willing to work with both Parties and during her reign, Alaska never slipped into a theocracy. And the news that a young single woman may have had sex with a young single man should hardly be news (and that is assuming the story about Glen Rice is true.) So explained what a 22 year old Sarah Palin did matters when it comes to judging an older and more mature Sarah Palin, who is a former governor and possible future President candidate?

The left views Palin as the bogeywoman who is used to scare their children if they don’t behave. I can imagine what happens around the dinner table when Lefty’s parents tells their kids, “Recycle or the Palin monster will come and devour you." The left's irrational hatred of Palin seems to repeat their irrational hatred of George Bush, it is an enemy they need. The left treats Palin as the novel 1984's mysterious Emmanuel Goldman, with Palin playing the role of Goldman; complete with two minute hate sessions. If Palin would enter the Presidential race, she would not be my first choice, but you have to admire her for the enemies she makes and the reactions she has garnered among the left. And if Palin doesn’t run or simply disappear from the scene, they will replace her with someone else to hate.

Speaking of paranoia, the Obama campaign has decided to open a website The essence of this website is to have folks snitch if they see any criticism of the Obama administration because according to the Obama folks, any criticism has to be lie. As Wall Street James Taranto observed, “The whole thing is both creepily paranoid and bumblingly buffoonish, as if produced by a chimera of Richard M. Nixon and Wile E. Coyote.” There you have it, the Obama administration is combining the incompetence of Jimmy Carter with the swarminess of Richard Nixon. Now that is a a combination.

Palin hatred and Obama's campaign setting up the simply shows a serious problem with our politics. We have a substanial number of people who don’t simply disagree with their political opponents, but hate and fear them, which is why the left will call for civility while at the same time calling for the Tea Party to go to Hades and demanding one to be ready for mortal combat with those evil conservatives. (Or as Jimmy Hoffa would say, those evil SOBs conservatives!)


It was Emmanuel Goldstein, not Emmanuel Goldman, in the novel 1984.

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