Judiciary Committee Advances Faster Freedom of Information Act Legislation

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to advance bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Patrick Leahy and I to make further improvements to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the nation’s premier open government law.

Today we are one step closer to making our government more transparent. This commission will identify methods to reduce delays in the processing of FOIA requests and ensure the efficient and equitable administration of FOIA throughout the federal government. It would be a great benefit to the American people, who deserve to be treated as valued customers when they seek answers from their government. I hope that all of my colleagues in the Senate will support this bill when it comes to the floor.


We the people are NOT "valued customers" as you say!  We are your BOSS.  You work for us.  You are not serving us hamburgers at a drive thru! When will you people in Washington get it???  We deserve to be treated as the President or CEO of a corporation when we ask for answers from you!!!!!

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