June 8th Primary Results

Results for South Carolina's Gubernatorial Republican Primary:

Candidate Percentage
Nikki Haley                      
Gresham Barrett
Henry McMaster
Andre Bauer

*Nikki Haley and Gresham Barrett will be in the June 22nd runoff as a majority was not achieved.


Results for the Arkansas's Democratic Senate Primary Runoff:

Candidate Percentage
Blanche Lincoln 
Bill Halter


Results for the California's Republican Gubernatorial Primary:

Candidate Percentage
Meg Whitman 
Steve Poizner


Results for the California's Republican Senatorial Primary:

Candidate Percentage
Carly Fiorina 
Tom Campbell
Chuck DeVore


Results for the Nevada's Republican Senatorial  Primary:

Candidate Percentage
Sharron Angle 
Sue Lowden
Danny Tarkanian


Results for the Nevada's Gubernatorial Primary:

Candidate Percentage
Brian Sandoval 
Jim Gibbons



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