Justice Dept. Says Acorn Can Be Paid

Since 1994, ACORN has received $53 million in aid from the federal government. Although Obama has signed into law a spending bill that includes a provision that says "no taxpayer funds — including funds authorized by previous legislation — could be “provided to” the group or its affiliates,"

The Justice Department has concluded that the Obama administration can lawfully pay the community group Acorn for services provided under contracts signed before Congress enacted a law banning the government from providing funds to the group.

Suspicions about ACORN escalated in September when videos were released of ACORN employees advising two people posed as a pimp and prostitute on how they could misrepresent themselves and avoid paying taxes. However, this is just one instance of ACORN acting in a suspicious manner...

Conservatives have long complained about Acorn’s voter drives in poor neighborhoods, citing instances in which workers fraudulently registered imaginary voters like “Mickey Mouse.” Acorn has argued that it is the real victim of such incidents, which its employees have often brought to the attention of the authorities.

ACORN is the real victim? Give me a break!


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