Latino Republicans

Why is it that conservative Latinos, or conservative minorities in general, are ostracized politically from our own culture? I do not understand this cultural taboo on Republicans, especially since the Republican Party espouses the same values that we Latinos are raised on and strongly believe in!

Republicans are not racists who want to keep minorities down. In actuality, it is the Democrats who want to keep people from succeeding. Conservative fiscal policies are perfect for the Latino entrepreneurial spirit because we know how to work hard and make money, and Republicans want to make it possible for us to profit from our hard work. Meanwhile, the Democrats believe that we are incapable of doing anything without the help of the government. Regardless of what you have heard or believe you know, this is the fundamental difference between the parties: Republicans want you to succeed on your own, and Democrats want you to stay poor and dependent on the government; and if you ever do manage to succeed, they intend to overtax you to put you back in your place, which is why President Obama continues to expand the size of government and say it is for the greater good. Truth is, a bigger government is only good for the government itself! Liberal policies only succeed if we lose.

I thought that Latinos would have learned this lesson from our homelands; this is why we are in America and not back in Mexico or any other Latin American country. Mexico was ruled by the leftist PRI for over a century and consequently there was no middle class, but in 2000 Vicente Fox was the first PAN (conservative party) candidate to take the presidency, and since then the PAN have grown to the plurality in the legislature and have held on to the presidency for a second time. Since 2000, Mexico has had an emerging middle class that has been able to support businesses such as Wal-Mart, HEB, McDonald's, and shopping malls. This newly-forming middle class has only come to fruition thanks to conservative policies that have allowed Latinos to prosper from their natural entrepreneurial spirit.

The USA has always been a center-right nation, but now we have elected a far-leftist president who wants to enact policies that have ruined Latin American countries and overtaxed European nations.


I believe that part of the problem is that Democrats are just more active in the Hispanic community. We Texans have to work hard in the "off season" to reach out to Hispanic Americans. Simply knocking on doors and sending mailers when it comes time to ask for votes isn't going to cut it. We have to figure out ways to convey to Hispanic Americans our views, but it can't just be a "once every 2 years" phenomenon. We also need to include Hispanic Americans in the Convention Process so that they feel that they are a real, important part of the Republican Party. Here in Dallas, Lulac partners up with the Democrats to have monthly, no cost breakfasts. You get to people's minds and hearts through their stomachs. I guess one problem is that there's "no such thing as a free lunch," unless you're a Democrat....

These ideas are not even remotely just for Hispanic Americans. We can do the same with young people, African Americans, and every other demographic out there.

My biggest question is why a Hispanic/Latino has not run for President of the United States (Democrat or Republican)?  We are the largest segment of the population and yet an African-American is the first non-Anglo to be elected president?  Sadly, I feel apathy has a lot to do with this.


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