Lebron James Rejects What Obama Wants, Republicans Should Tell Others To Do Same

Journalist Jim Gray asked Lebron James "President Obama for crying out loud, 7 times has commented he would like to see you go to Chicago. What did you expect from this process?" Lebron pauses and answers "Umm, certain things like that, some things I can't control." But his decision and reasoning to go to the Miami heat exemplified complete control, and that is the beauty of his decision Thursday night. While the world media will continue to focus on Lebron's decision, and the media fury over it, Lebron James will go down in history, as a free market loving, capitalistic American flexing his individualism and sticking it to a meddling President who wanted to limit his growth. In the end Lebron took the idea of more glory, more success, of winning AND making money over the President's idea of what should have been. Well, actually both of Obama's ideas. The first one being taking care of Obama's political network by going to Chicago, and the other by staying in Cleveland and affirming the liberal principle of suppressing one's potential and partaking of Cleveland's economic misery.


It began with Obama's typical ploy of "You know, like I said, I don't want to meddle...." Add the last hour effort by Robert Gibbs, where 3 minutes of America's political capital and focus was spent on...


Obama has refused to comment on the capture of Russian spies, or comment on "possible ways to reduce the massive federal debt until after a special commission reports back in December, a month after the congressional elections" , or take a minute to continue the tradition of praying on our National Day of Prayer at the White House. How Lebron James fits into the President's agenda is beyond me, but he did. Fortunately Lebron ignored the President, just like the failed Olympics lobbying in Copenhagen, or at the G20 summit where Obama's global stimulus was rebuffed by Chancellor Merkel of Germany. Lebron rejected what the President wanted.


Then there was this Obama comment which tried to limit Lebron's to the choice of Obama's version of self sacrifice. Cleveland according to Obama would be a "wonderful thing" because the people of Cleveland had been through tough times. Why would Obama limit Lebron's career and potential to a city that needed a "personal commitment" because it was going through times? Sound familiar to you? Where everyone has to share in the pain and misery? Also notice the dig at Lebron implying that he needs to buy into a team concept, and be willing to be coached. Throw in a comparison to what Jordan did and you have a complete Presidential prescription of what "he needs." Good thing Lebron was too strong for Obama's weapons of shame and guilt.


In the end Lebron did what was best and that is he did what he wanted to do. He chose Miami and South Beach, where he will team up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. He got it all, the money, the best chance to win, and the ability to go down in history as one of the best by doing it his way. Many of our neighbors who don't vote Republican need to know about the power of doing what one wants to do. This attitude can change our cities and urban areas as soon as we preach it. Yes it is simpler than 9/12 values or Jefferson's vision of autonomous wards constantly exerting their local authority on itself but to win the war over the hearts and minds of our neighbors we must re-embrace simple, powerful concepts that come from the love for an American free market. The power of economic freedom will always win over the power of guilt and top down control. This upcoming election our message should be clear to voters, you can vote Democrat and have someone else tell you what you need to do, or vote Republican, and you can have whatever you like.


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