The Left's Strategy Regarding Tea Parties

The following comment was sent in from a TexasGOPVote reader and law student in Washington, DC:

I was at a party a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I had gone to the Code Red (AKA "Kill the [Healthcare] Bill") rally on Capitol Hill. I was met with bewildered stares from most of my liberal classmates "What were you doing with the Tea Party?!?!" they asked "You're too sane for those people!" I responded that my sanity, capacity to reason, and logic were the REASONS I WAS THERE! The only people that understood my position were my fellow conservative and libertarian classmates (of which we are few!).

I conceded that there are some fringe elements that show up to these rallies (e.g., birthers), but the majority of the crowd are honest, reasonable people that are genuinely concerned with the state of the government and the massive power grabs from this Dem Congress and Administration.
I then argued vigorously that the reason that the Tea Party movement receives such a bad reputation in the mainstream media is simply because the media focus on the message of the few, the fringe, and refuses to capture the sentiment of the majority of the protesters. Well, it turns out that this has been a good strategy from the left; attempting to marginalize the Tea Party by making them/us look like kooks - and here's proof that this is a strategy, and not mere coincidence:

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