Letter To Jackson Lee: Please vote NO on this Health care bill

Honorable Congresswoman Jackson Lee ([email protected]);

I tried to call your office but the phone lines are busy. You are my only hope in the House of Representatives. 

You have helped me help your constituents on several occasions, and as you know, I have helped you. I know that you are a “team player,” but in this case, you need to put the people of your district ahead of what the Speaker of the House is asking you to do.

President Obama’s proposed bill will devastate the our health care system! America’s health care system is the finest available in the world! That is why people from all over the world come to your home town!

I beg you to lead the way! If you would hold your own press conference, and announce to America that you cannot support this health care bill, you would be a national hero! Your leadership would snowball!

May God move you to do what is right for America!

Norman E. Adams, CIC
Adams Insurance Service, Inc.
[email protected]


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