Letter From a Reader - Obama's Noncitizen Aunt

The following letter came in from a TexasGOPVote reader regarding the article, "Obama's Noncitizen Aunt Admits to Receiving Government Handouts, Doesn't Feel Bad About It."

Where is freedom of speech? Why is it that they can say things about Americans but we have to respect them and their views? What about us-Americans? And why is everything appropriate for the public to see and read? A lot of us are steaming mad about everything that the illegals can do, but we can not. And vote again- I don't think so. Why bother? Maybe we need to speak to Sarah Palin and see if she is willing to hear what I have to say since I cannot express my thoughts nor my freedom of speech. I want to be the next Joe the Plumber and see if anybody listens. I am tired of hearing all and talk no action!

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