Liberals rally for the sake of rallying

Several years ago Saturday Night Live had a hilarious skit (every few years they have one, due to the law of averages) featuring Matthew McConnaughey leading a meeting of anti-war protesters. While the purpose of the meeting was to protest the War in Iraq, every liberal interest group came with their own agenda, from gay rights to the environment. When one man yells out “legalize porn,” an exasperated McConaughey points out that it already is legal. The man responds, “Not the kind I like!”

This is today’s liberal Democrats.

On August 28th, 2010, Glenn Beck held a rally at the Capitol steps. The theme of the rally was “Restoring Honor.”

The rally brought 500,000 people to DC. The crowd was peaceful and polite. It was a love-in. When it was over the streets were cleaner than before the rally began.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others spoke about leading more honorable lives, and loving God and our neighbors.

Who could possibly object to such a gathering?


Since Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are conservatives, everything they do must be invalidated and demonized.

There was nothing to criticize about this rally. It was an overwhelmingly positive development. Yet since conservatives organized the rally, it had to be bad.

Liberals could have organized such a rally. They chose not to do so. It is easier to tear others down than build people up.

Liberalism is the anti-ideology. It stands for nothing but hatred of conservatives. Democrats are the anti-party, existing to hate Republicans and nothing more.

One does not have to agree with conservative Republicans, but at least they stand for something. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin truly believe in the cause of a more honorable society. The left cannot credibly attack that message, so they try to destroy the messengers through ridicule. The alternative approach of liberals holding a rally to discuss honor is a foreign concept.

On October 2nd, 2010, liberals held a rally at the Capitol to preach “national unity” and “coming together.”

It was just another collection of leftist beggars engaging in a hatefest of conservatives.

When conservatives hold a rally, it is because of a cause. The rally has a point. The Tea party movement, which is basically disaffected conservatives, is obsessed with reducing out of control government spending. That is it.

So what was the leftist rally a couple of days ago about?

For some it was government run health care. For others it was abortion. For yet others it was environmental. Even more came to support looser immigration laws. Others supported the Palesimians right to destroy Israel.

When a rally is about everything, it is about nothing. Since there is only one uniting factor, the left inevitably rallies about that. This is why the signs at the Restoring Honor rally were positive. What were the signs at the leftist unity rally?

One said “Tax the rich and end the wars.”

Another read “Billions for jobs, not occupation. End U.S. aid to Israel.”

Another read “Chri$tianity = Pagani$m = Heathen$ = Nazism.”

The speeches spewing bile at conservatives flowed. Ed Schultz is not known for treating political opponents with human decency.

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Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His books, Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence, and Ideological Idiocy are available now.


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The rich pay for liberals' hired minimum wage and their baby-stealing social programs.  Where would they be if the rich had less money?

I say we tax the crap out of the socialists at any pay rate!

Who cares if they're upper class, middle class or lower class.  They're ALL  low-grade, light-weight third worlders and NONE of them have ANY class.

TAX the POOR (of mind and spirit)!


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